Golden Horse Mining Hong Kong Limited | Idea and Mission

Idea and Mission

Idea and Mission


Golden Horse Mining has cultivated its elite team for many years, which is a solid base for the long development of the Company. With the vision of the leadership and management in line with the staff’s enthusiasm, the Company is heading for globalization, offering stone supply solutions with innovative ideas to worldwide natural marble projects. The Company is committed to sell its products and brand far and wide through the sales channels under the operations by the Company’s branches around the world, as well as the huge and mature distributorship networks in various countries.

In the vast stone building industry, Golden Horse Mining keeps moving ahead at a steady pace as a leading giant in the industry.


Golden Horse Mining persists in the strategies of establishing its brand image based on its products and gaining the market and reputation by virtue of its product quality. Its “marble specialist” sales team in the Marketing Department offers tailor-made and professional stone supply programs for its clientele to satisfy their different needs. Golden Horse Mining regards each of its products as an ingenuity work, which is well recognized in the market. Its products are widely applied to wall tiles and floorings of star-graded hotels, superior villas, clubs in residential estates, commercial buildings, large shopping malls, art studios, airport terminals and subway stations etc.