Golden Horse Mining Hong Kong Limited | Management Statement

As a Chinese, I understand the philosophy of harmony and balance of Yin Yang (1) in Chinese culture. As the jump-start of the Asian economy after World War II,, China has risen to the largest economies in the world. With the rise of brand awareness in Asian countries, we feel deeply the absence of Asian brands and the sense of urgency in the global commodity consumer market. Therefore, Golden Horse Mining has been founded to devote itself to filling up such imbalance. According to our ten-year blueprint, we determined to turn the natural marble mine located in an excellent geological belt in Sabah, Malaysia into an international prestigious brand, with the purpose of breaking up the monopoly of western marbles . Golden Horse Mining has made its first stride ahead in its long-term development.

When the expansion has reached to a certain level, any business is a reflection of human civilization. Golden Horse Mining excavates unique natural marbles embedded underground for millions of years. After being unearthed, the natural marbles will be processed and polished meticulously to vividly display their beauty and charming endowed by the nature to the world and make contributions to the human aesthetic and architectural civilization. All things, including Golden Horse and its natural marble products, have their own missions and attributions. Golden Horse makes the natural marbles realize their values; and in turn, the natural marbles make Golden Horse succeed. We interact and supplement each other. Also, such spirits of co-existence and mutual achievements have led Golden Horse to resolutely head for the currently severe global business environment.

Here, I hope that Golden Horse Mining will continue to make unremitting efforts to build itself into a renowned multinational enterprise in the whole stone chain industry, and enhance itself to play a leading role in the industry's product spectrum in terms of quality, prices and technologies. We also attach importance to sustainable development, never forget to invest in professional talents, improve the traditional stone industry technologies and participate in public charity activities to contribute itself to the community.

To win in the market competition relies on its team. In the unpredictable globalization trend, the vitality of Golden Horse Mining grows along with constantly emerging challenges and opportunities. The Company's cross-border team has formed a sense of acceptance and internal cohesion keeping them intimate and close, which is able to withstand any harsh competition. Moreover, we are confident that the precipitation of adversity quotient (AQ) over the years of the team can lead us to surpass all difficulties and impossibilities.

Yours faithfully,

The Management - Mr. Wang Ming Jin
Golden Horse Mining Hong Kong Limited

Note (1):
Yin – In Chinese philosophy, the female principle of the universe, represented as dark and negative.
Yang – In Chinese philosophy, the male principle of the universe, represented as light and positive.
Yin Yang is the concept of duality forming a whole. Yin Yang is an excellent interpretation of everything has an opposite that is its equal. One cannot exist without the other. This requires a positive and a negative to complete the whole.